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The Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism (CICTE) serves as the preeminent organization within the Inter-American system for the coordination of efforts to protect the citizens of the member nations from the scourges of terrorism. Functioning through the exchange of information amongst the preeminent leaders, subject matter experts and decision makers work together to strengthen hemispheric solidarity and security.

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Purpose of the Database

The basic objectives of the CICTE database, as set forth in the Commitment of Mar del Plata, are to:

  • Enhance the exchange of information via the competent national authorities, 

  • Formulate proposal to assist member states in drafting appropriate counterterrorism legislation in all states

  • Compile the bilateral, sub regional, regional and multilateral treaties and agreements signed by member states and promote universal adherence to international counterterrorism conventions

In that respect, this database contains examples of national legislation of member states regarding terrorism, legislative examples from other nations of the world, and draft legislation form related international organizations such as OAS-CICAD, the Commonwealth Office, the United Nations, and other appropriate agencies.  The database also contains test and examples of regional and multi-national treaties and conventions related to terrorism.


Additionally, contact information on subject matter experts in various fields related to the fight against terrorism.  While CICTE endeavors to maintain the most accurate information possible, changes can and will occur.  We welcome your feedback.


The database also includes information on training courses, academic research, and institutions involved in the efforts to counter terrorism. 

Your participation and additions are welcome! 


CICTE welcomes your comments, suggestions or problems encountered with this system. Please direct them to




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